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We are TronFit

We are TronFit

Welcome to TronFit MIA, your ultimate destination for a 3-in-1 fitness experience that seamlessly ​combines the worlds of boxing, martial arts, and comprehensive fitness training.

Step into our state-of-the-art Boxing Area, where the sweet science of boxing takes center stage. ​Train with passionate and skilled boxing coaches who will guide you through a variety of classes, ​from fundamental techniques and heavy bag workouts to high-energy boxing conditioning.

Immerse yourself in the disciplined world of martial arts within our Martial Arts Area. Our ​experienced instructors lead classes in diverse martial arts disciplines, including Wrestling, Jiu-​Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA. Discover the art of self-defense, enhance your flexibility, and foster ​mental resilience through traditional martial arts training

Unleash the power of comprehensive fitness in our Weight room area. From heart-pumping HIIT ​sessions to strength training and functional fitness, our certified trainers guide you through ​dynamic workouts that cater to your unique fitness goals. Enjoy the flexibility of diverse fitness ​classes, ensuring a well-rounded approach to strength, endurance, and overall health. The Weight ​Room is the perfect place to sculpt your body, improve flexibility, and elevate your fitness level.

Why TronFit?

Why TronFit?

1. Versatility: The most versatile gym in Miami. Experience the best of three fitness worlds under ​one roof, catering to your diverse interests and goals.

2.Expert Instructors: Train with seasoned professionals in boxing, martial arts, and fitness, ​ensuring you receive top-tier instruction in every class.

3.Community Vibes: Join a vibrant and supportive fitness community where you'll connect with ​like-minded individuals who share your passion for diverse forms of exercise.

4.1 on 1 Training: Our trainers work with you to create personalized fitness plans that incorporate ​elements of boxing, martial arts, and traditional fitness, ensuring a well-rounded approach to ​your fitness journey.

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TronFit Classes

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Join us for a dynamic and results-driven workout that ​will target and tone your glutes like never before! ​CAKE is designed to sculpt and strengthen your ​backside, helping you achieve a firmer, more lifted ​look.

This high-energy class combines strength training, ​cardio intervals, and targeted exercises to maximize ​your glute activation and muscle engagement. You'll ​work through a variety of exercises, including squats, ​lunges, deadlifts, and more, using a mix of ​bodyweight, resistance bands, and dumbbells to add ​intensity. Join us for CAKE and let's get to baking !

“Glute Focus Class”

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Boxing ​Conditioning

Ignite your inner fighter and sculpt your physique ​with our Boxing Conditioning Class at TronFit. This ​class is a dynamic fusion of traditional boxing ​techniques and high-intensity conditioning, ​tailored to individuals of all fitness levels who ​crave a challenging and empowering workout ​experience.Led by our expert boxing coaches, this ​class goes beyond the basics of punching and ​footwork. It delves into the world of boxing-​inspired fitness, providing a full-body workout that ​improves cardiovascular endurance, strength, ​agility, and mental toughness

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Transform your fitness journey with our ​signature class sTRONg here at TronFit. This ​class is designed to empower individuals of all ​experience levels, guiding them through a ​structured and dynamic weight lifting program ​to build strength, enhance muscle tone, and ​achieve their fitness goals.This class not only ​focuses on mastering proper lifting techniques ​but also provides a supportive and motivating ​environment to challenge and elevate your ​strength training regimen.

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This high-energy, results-driven class is ​designed to push your limits, torch calories, ​and transform your body in a dynamic and ​motivating group setting. This bootcamp is ​suitable for all fitness levels, from ​beginners looking to kick-start their fitness ​journey to seasoned athletes seeking a new ​level of intensity and variety in their ​workouts

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HIIT Circuits

Elevate your fitness journey with our HIIT ​CIRCUITS Class. This class is designed to ​deliver a high-intensity, full-body workout ​that incorporates a diverse range of ​exercises and keeps you moving through a ​series of stations. This circuit training class ​is suitable for all fitness levels, offering a ​dynamic and efficient way to boost ​cardiovascular endurance, build strength, ​and improve overall fitness.

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Stretch & Mobility

Unlock the secrets to improved flexibility, ​enhanced mobility, and total body wellness with ​our Stretch and Mobility Master Class led by the ​founder of Well Adjusted Chiropractic. This unique ​class is designed to blend the principles of ​chiropractic care with targeted stretching and ​mobility exercises, offering participants a holistic ​approach to optimizing movement and preventing ​injuries. Led by Dr. Meir Cioraru, this class caters to ​individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners ​looking to increase their flexibility to athletes ​seeking to refine their range of motion and reduce ​the risk of injuries

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Prepare to transform your fitness and ​unleash your full potential with TronCamp. ​This high-energy, results-driven class is ​designed to push your limits, challenge ​your endurance, and sculpt your body ​through a dynamic combination of strength, ​cardio, and functional training. This ​bootcamp is suitable for all fitness levels, ​whether you're a seasoned athlete or ​someone taking their first steps towards a ​healthier lifestyle.

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Fi​ght Camp

Fight Camp is a class with MMA ​conditioning elements but without any ​contact, designed to give you a taste of the ​intensity and effectiveness of MMA training ​without the risk of getting hit. It's a great ​way to challenge yourself, improve your ​fitness, and have fun, Get in fight shape !!

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Join us for our Kickboxing Conditioning class. In this ​class, you'll learn basic kickboxing techniques while ​getting a full-body workout that will improve your ​cardio endurance, strength, and agility. You'll punch, ​kick, and sweat your way through a series of drills and ​combinations that will challenge your body and mind.

Led by our experienced instructors, this class is ​suitable for all fitness levels. Whether you're a ​beginner looking to learn new skills or an experienced ​athlete looking for a new challenge, our Kickboxing ​Conditioning class has something for everyone.



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Step onto the mats and embrace the world of ​grappling with our Wrestling Class at TronFit. This ​class is designed for individuals of all skill levels, ​whether you're a beginner eager to learn the ​fundamentals or an experienced wrestler looking to ​refine your techniques and gain a competitive ​edge.Led by our seasoned wrestling coaches, this ​class provides a comprehensive curriculum that ​covers takedowns, escapes, transitions, and pinning ​combinations. Join a community of wrestling ​enthusiasts, and immerse yourself in the physical and ​mental challenges of this dynamic and rewarding ​sport.

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This class caters to practitioners of all levels, ​from beginners eager to explore the world of ​ground-based combat to seasoned grapplers ​seeking to refine their skills in a no-gi ​setting. This class offers a dynamic and ​comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes ​technique, positional control, and submission ​grappling without the use of traditional gis. ​Whether you're aiming to compete in no-gi ​tournaments or simply want to enhance your ​overall BJJ proficiency, this class provides an ​engaging and supportive learning environment

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